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Black Butterfly Beauties

Here are my four black butterfly telescope goldfish in their 75 gallon aquarium. The three big ones (Loki, Lana, and Mordecai) are from Dandy Orandas and the little guy (Poe) was bred by me from red/white butterfly telescope parents. These fish spawned for me a few days ago, so I now have a batch of tiny little fry from them. I’m very excited to see how the babies turn out!


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Fish Room Tour

I finally have the fish room I’ve always wanted! My 15’x10′ balcony is home to my 25-30 goldfish and their quickly-growing fry. My group of fish includes 6 calico butterfly telescopes, 13 red/white butterfly telescopes, 4 black butterfly telescopes, and 7 broadtail black moors.
There are four 40 gallon breeder aquariums, one 127 gallon Laguna tub, and two 100 gallon Intex wading pools. 
Filtration in the fish room is accomplished with a linear piston air pump from Jehmco that powers air-driven sponge filters in each tank, along with air stones for additional aeration. 
There are more fish housed inside as well in a 75 gallon aquarium filtered by a 20 gallon under-tank sump filter. 

Now it’s time to get to work producing and grooming some beautiful butterfly telescope babies. Wish me luck!

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New Breeder Fish Arrive from Dandy Orandas

As you will probably remember, about a month ago I had the unique privilege of traveling to Dandy Orandas in Michigan to visit, show you guys a video tour of the facility, and even hand-pick my own fish in person! Well, the day we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived… the fish I hand-picked are here and doing well. This addition of 10 butterfly telescopes rounds out my group of broodstock and will allow me to produce some beautiful baby butterflies in the near future, so get excited!

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Deme*tyoubi Giveaway Winners

UPDATE 12/7/15: Yet another one of the winners did not claim their prize within the time limit, so a runner-up has been selected at random. Please remember to check backhere when you enter one of my giveaways guys! You could be missing outon your prize.
Jenna Briere you are a winner! Please follow the instructions as outlined below to claim your prize!  

UPDATE 12/4/15: Another one of the winners did not claim their prize within the time limit, so a runner-up has been selected at random. Please remember to check back here when you enter one of my giveaways guys! You could be missing out on your prize. 

brian kyle de guzman
UPDATE 12/2/15 : One of the winners did not claim their prize within the time limit, so a runner-up has been selected at random. 


Please Note: Even if you do not see your name listed as one of the winners, check back again in a few days! If any of the following winners fail to claim their prizes, I will move to the runners-up, and you may be one of them! 

The Deme*tyoubi giveaway has officially been closed, entries tallied up, and winners randomly selected! Here are the winners, listed using their YouTube screennames…

Andrea Deleon
Haydenh netco
Lawren Jam

Are you one of the lucky winners? Great! Now I need you to contact me to claim your prize. Please go to my YouTube channel by following this link and click on the “send message” button to message me and claim your prize. In your message, be sure to include your full name, your mailing address, and which key chain you prefer. You will have your choice of the Black Moor, Oranda, or Ryukin key chain unless one of the other winners has already claimed it, in which case you will have to choose between whichever key chains remain.

Thank you to everyone that participated, I appreciate each one of my viewers more than you know! If you did not win this time, but would still like to own a peiece of Deme*tyoubi’s beautiful goldfish art, please visit the following links to buy one of your own.

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Deme*tyoubi Felted Goldfish Art Unboxing + Giveaway

I have long admired Deme*tyoubi’s felted goldfish art, and even commissioned a custom-made goldfish a couple of years ago. This year I decided to up the ante and commission another piece in a bigger size!

This time I commissioned Hikaru to create a 10-inch-long felted replica of my favorite fish, my male panda butterfly telescope named Clyde. Clyde used to have striking panda coloration, but he has since lost all the black markings and is now red and white.

The photos I provided to the artist are of him about a year ago, when he still had his black markings. Hikaru recreated his markings perfectly, and even attached glitterfabric scales in a few places, since Clyde has a few scales that aremore shiny than the rest.

Deme*tyoubi also makes small felted goldfish keychains in a wide variety of goldfish types. She agreed to send me three for free so that I could give them away to you! Please click on the video above for the full giveaway rules and information.

You can find Deme*tyoubi online to order your own custom felted goldfish at these links:

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US Bred Baby Broadtail Moors

Online forums like Goldfish Keepers can be a great place to network with other goldfish hobbyists and breeders to find some really great fish!  Plus,supporting small hobby breeders also helps keep the hobby vibrant andstrong.  I got a group of 7 beautiful Broadtail Moor Goldfish from AmyShonka and I love them!  Can’t wait to share with you as they grow anddevelop.

These are different from the fish I normally keep and breed.  My main (and favorite) variety is the butterfly telescope.  The butterfly telescope has little to no forking in the caudal fin lobes and a horizontally spread tail that resembles the outstretched wings of a butterfly when viewed from above.  These Broadtail Moors also have little to no forking in their caudal fin lobes, but their tail is a broadtail or veiltail type as opposed to a butterfly type.  This means that the tail lobes are not spread out horizontally.  Their fins are also very long in relation to their body size.   

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Let’s Talk Goldfish with Ken Fischer of Dandy Orandas

Visiting Dandy Orandas in Michigan was an amazing experience. While I was there, I wanted to take some time to introduce you to the man behind the magic; none other than Ken Fischer, the sole owner/operator of Dandy Orandas. Ken has been doing the goldfish thing for many years and has built up a wealth of knowledge and valuable experience regarding all things goldfish. He agreed to let me interview him about the history of Dandy Orandas and what it takes to import, care for, and sell these fish. So if you want to watch two people totally geeking out about goldfish… well, here’s your chance!

You can find these goldfish for sale at Dandy Orandas’ website below. Auctions are posted almost every Friday at 8pm EST.

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Solid Gold Visits Dandy Orandas

I took a weekend trip to Michigan to show you guys a little tour of the Dandy Orandas fish room!  It was like I died and went to goldfish heaven!  There were about 1,500 goldfish on site; broadtail ryukins, ranchus, orandas, pearlscales, bubble eyes, butterflies, shubunkins, black comets, tosakin, and so much more.  Never before have I seen such sheer numbers of beautiful fish all together in one place.  Huge thanks to Ken Fischer for letting me visit and film a little tour for you guys.  We also filmed an interview, which you will get to see next week, so stay tuned!  These fish are sold in weekly auctions starting (almost) every Friday night at 8pm EST at  Ken imports them from various goldfish farms in China, quarantines them and makes sure they’re good and healthy, and then sells them here in the United States.

Dandy Orandas Tour
Old Petland systems full of beautiful goldfish
Broadtail ryukin goldfish
Red/White Broadtail Ryukins
Ranchus and Orandas
Broadtail Ryukins… love the one on the right
Dandy Orandas
Click on “READ MORE” below to view all the photos!

More fish
Even more fish
The red Ryukin is waving “hello”
Butterfly Telescopes and Crown Pearlscales
Red/White and Calico Broadtail Ryukins
Me admiring the indoor pool full of goldfish!
Kirin Short Tail Ryukin
Tricolor (for now) Ranchu
Sakura Broadtail Ryukin
Red/White Butterfly Telescope
Red/White Oranda
Black Ingot Oranda
Calico/Kirin Ingot Oranda
Kirin Broadtail Ryukin

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FREE Calendar with Purchase of Dandy Orandas Fish

If you haven’t already checked out the Dandy Orandas auction this week, you definitely should.  I have partnered up with Kento offer a FREE Solid Gold calendar to anyone that spends over $200(before shipping) on fish from the auctions over the next several weeks!

Dandy Orandas Auction


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Unboxing the 2016 Solid Gold Calendar

If this calendar is any indication, you better hold on to your britches because 2016 is gonna be a good year! 😉


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